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 Peace in Newfie Heaven

In The Heart of Arizona

Strawberry Mountain Newfoundlands

Three Landseer Newfies in Strawberry


Strawberry Mountain is located in the “Heart of Arizona” on six acres. We are in the midst of pine trees and cooler weather. We are east of Sedona about 60 miles.

We raise our Newfoundlands to be the sweetest and most lovable of family members. Our Newfies are free to come in and out of the house thru several “extra large” doggie doors. But, most days in Strawberry, laying on the porch, playing in the dog pool or chasing each other are the favorite activities. At night, all the furry children come in from outside play and enjoy family activities, then off to bed where the hang out in  the screened-in porch area that is accessible to their night yard.

Black and Landseer (white with black) puppies are usually the colors we have available and once in a while a brown litter will appear. Our puppies come with a one year guarantee against any hereditary condition not due to an environmental (injury)  or nutritional issue.

Our adults are Cystinuria clear, hearts have also been OFA certified by a practitioner by the time they are a year old. And before they are bred.

So, if you are interested in having a big, beautiful, lovable and loyal Newfie as a member of your family then… Complete the Information Form, hit send and your email will get to us…    Information Form”

Hazel as a baby

Strawberry Mountain in Spring

Strawberry Mountain in Winter